How to Drive Safely in Heavy Rain This Fall

The rainy season is officially upon us, especially in cities like Vancouver, we have already seen weeks of rain… and it’s just begun! Every year when heavy rain begins to fall, people should take a minute to think about their driving and make sure that their vehicles are ready for the change in weather. Whether you are a long daytime commuter or a casual driver, it’s up to each individual driver to make sure they are doing their part to stay safe on the roads. Who can give you a better advice than Vancouver auto body experts? They know everything about the rain!

Here is some advice on: How to drive safely in heavy rain this fall.

Windshield wipers

You know how you’ve been ignoring the fact that your wipers are disintegrating and leaving streaks of dirt and water across your windshield rather than removing the rain? Now is the time to replace these with new ones. Simple as that.


Time for a brake check. Stopping quickly in the rain, in giant puddles, and perhaps on slippery leaves that have fallen into the road depends on the condition of your brakes. It’s time to bring your car into an auto body shop and have them looked at.

Brake gently

Now that your brakes are in fresh working order, it’s a good idea to practice braking slowly and giving yourself plenty of time to stop. Always leave a few car lengths between you and the car ahead.

Slow down

If you’ve ever started hydroplaning, you know what a scary feeling it is to lose control of your vehicle that way. On worn down roads or uneven stretches of the highway, slowing down is the best way to prevent hydroplaning and to help ensure enough time to brake in an emergency.

Avoid giant puddles

Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is notorious for massive puddles, thanks to the trees shedding their leaves, which clog the drains. Water then accumulates and creates swampy conditions. Slowing down through these puddles or switching lanes to avoid them makes it better for the vehicles behind you and the pedestrians who are walking nearby on the sidewalks.

No distractions

Distracted driving is a problem on the sunniest of days, but in the rain it’s even more dangerous. Choose your music ahead of time and punch your destination in before you start driving so that you are not trying to multitask on the road. Put your phone out of reach if you have trouble not picking it up.

Extra patience

Instead of gunning it to make that amber light, take your foot off the gas and allow for the next cycle of lights to turn green. This will help everyone, especially those waiting in the opposite direction to make a turn through the intersection. Allow people to merge and try to avoid aggressive decisions on the road. The extra 30 seconds you have to wait will probably not make too much of a difference in your life, but it will help to keep the roads safe for yourself and others.

Plan for emergencies

Every car should be equipped with emergency supplies, including a first aid kit, a blanket, water, snacks, batteries, flashlight, etc. Having roadside assistance is always a good idea, and keep your phone charged. Should something happen and you need to wait on the side of the road, you want to be prepared.

Safety is always our biggest concern and, this Vancouver auto body shop recommends a tune up at the start of the heavy rains. We hope you stay safe out there!