How to Touch-Up & Match Paint On A Car

You may have had this unfortunate experience in the past with other auto body or collision repair shops. You go to pick up your car after it has been in for repairs, and you find that the newly repaired and painted area stands out like a sore thumb! This is probably because the new paint simply doesn’t match up with the existing paint on the rest of the vehicle. This difference might be minor, but the fact is that it is there now, and it is noticeable. You may be wondering what caused this issue with your paint colour, and more importantly what you can do about it. Hopefully we can shed some light on the issue so you can avoid this problem in the future.

Painted Surfaces

One cause of the colour mismatch on your car may have something to do with the surface that is being painted. While most of your car’s body is made of metal, things like your bumpers are plastic. This can cause the paint to cure differently when applied, meaning it will end up looking slightly off colour, especially when viewed side by side. Some auto body shops will also paint your car’s bumper and body separately, which can lead to texture mismatches in addition to the colour discrepancy.

Colour Mismatch

Practically every car you see on the road today has a paint colour on it which corresponds to a specific code. That code tells auto body and collision specialists the exact colour to mix and apply to the car. In some cases you can end up with a mismatch because the car is an older model and the updated colour happens to be off. There are some cases where a code could be misread, so the colour comes out slightly different than intended. In rare cases, a colour can be improperly mixed in the first place, which will inevitably lead to it turning out looking wrong.

At Grandcity Auto Body in Vancouver BC & Richmond BC, their state of the art colour match technology makes it easy for us to find the perfect match for your vehicle’s paint. Once they have the right colour, their team takes all the necessary steps to ensure the colour is applied evenly and consistently. They stand by their work, and no matter how big or small the repair happens to be, you can rest assured that it will be completed to your satisfaction.